Chad Bivens
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Chad Bivens who was born in California on November 04, 1985 and passed away on October 25, 2005 at the age of 19.

Chad had one brother, Brandon and two half sisters; Nikki and Natalie. He was the oldest child and he took great pleasure in envoking his seniority rights at every opportunity. Those who knew him will remember his smirk and the way we knew he was up to no good whenever we saw it. Chad was a devoted son, brother, grandson and friend. Chad touched the life of everyone he knew with his kind heart and his free spirit. He hated to see anyone in pain and he would do whatever he could to help a stranger in need.

Chad will be missed greatly by his brother and sisters to whom he was a role model and source of strength during the hard times. His brother Brandon looked up to him and adored him. He was greater than God in his eyes and still is to this day. Although they fought like cats and dogs, Chad was a driving force in his  life that can never be replaced. His sister Natalie leaned on him often as she began her life as a teen and she trusted in his guidance and understanding. He looked out for her and he had a sincere desire to participate in her life. He gave her confidence and sense of security that will be hard to replace. He will now guide her in her life from heaven.

As a young man at his first job, Chad came to have a love for cooking which brought him to school in Arizona at the Scottsdale Culinary Institue where he was scheduled to graduate as a chef in February '06. He was an excellent cook and he poured his heart into his cooking. Chad was a shy boy that loved to be in love and he had an uncommon and unconditional respect for women. Chad shared a love and respect for the music of the 80's with his brother and his mom. Although he couldn't play it very well, he especially loved the piano. He loved any song that had the piano in it and he didn't care what anyone thought. He was that one person that everyone could count on and he would give the shirt off his back to anyone that needed it. He was determined in life and would do whatever it took to get what he wanted but he gave back twice as much. 

Chad was a beautiful soul and his sideways grin will never be forgotten. He was an incredible human being and he will be missed with every second of every day. Those who knew him were blessed.  

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About to give in.   / Little One (Sister)
Chad, I dont understand why you were taken from me at such a young age, and i dont really even wanna know. I'm 16 and a half now, and i just dont wanna deal with our family anymore. i want to be on my own, doing my own thing. i will be soon. one mor...  Continue >>
My prayers are with you.   / Christine H. (High School )
Chad and I went to school together (high School) and I just recently found out he had passed away. I am 26 now and he would have been about the same age now. It puts my life into perspective. Life is so short, I hugged my own children (I have four of...  Continue >>
So very sorry for your loss   / Suzie Valgren
Unable to sleep so I read up about your sweet son.I sit here and wonder why it seems all the children that have passed seem to be so amazing.Does God have a sp. job for them in heaven?Did they fulfil what they had to do here on earth?I just don`t kno...  Continue >>
Six long years and Istill cannot find the words...   / Your Momma
Six years later and I'm still sitting here trying to find the words to express what is inside my heart and mind. But there are no words just numbness and empty thoughts. The harder I try the harder it is. I feel so alone I just wish this nightmare wo...  Continue >>
Yet another day   / Kayla Lambert (Friend)
I lost another friend this past week the way that you were taken from us. Please watch over John for me Chad. I miss you all the time and this just makes me miss you more. Most people don't have something like this happen once in their life and I now...  Continue >>
I can't take this anymore !!!  / Mom (Momma)    Read >>
so far  / Natalie (little sister )    Read >>
Merry Christmas Baby..  / Momma     Read >>
Finding it hard to fight back the tears  / Momma     Read >>
Chad's 23rd Birthday....  / Melody (Angel Adam) Hill     Read >>
Missing you, aching to see you and hug you again  / Mom (Forever my baby boy )    Read >>
Heavenly 22nd Birthday  / Melody, Mom To Angel Adam Craig Hill (Chad and Adam Heavenly Buddies )    Read >>
Thank you for watching over me  / Momma     Read >>
Everyday is Mother's Day  / Momma     Read >>
18 months an angel  / Mom     Read >>
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Chad Bivens was a generous young man who had a passion for cooking and fast cars.
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